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Kidz Pack

KidzPack with fruit from Food Bank of South Jersey

Over 400,000 children are enrolled in the free/reduced price lunch programs in New Jersey schools. Free or reduced school meals take care of hungry children's needs for daily nourishment during the school week. But how do children eat on the weekends?

That’s where KidzPack comes in! Every Friday, the KidzPack program provides school-aged children with nutritionally balanced meals to sustain them and their families, over the weekend. These packs are carefully designed to allow children (with minimal supervision) to prepare meals for themselves easily. From feeding just children, we have expanded the packs to include family friendly food that can be shared with siblings and parents because at home, hunger affects more than just a school child; it impacts everyone equally.

" This program is a godsend. With the current economic crunch, parents are stretching their dollars and need all the help they can get. This will allow our children to receive nutritional meals on a regular basis"
Sharon Woodridge, principal of Davis Elementary School, Camden city

Current KidzPack locations: Veterans Family SchoolCamden City, Parkview Elementray School, Westville, NJ, and Holly Bush Garden Apartments, Glassboro, NJ Update to share how many sites we have.  For information on how to ensure that no child in South Jersey stays hungry over the weekend, or how to start KidzPack in your area, contact Falynn Milligan at (856) 662-4884 ext. 125.

Program Criteria

  • Provide KidzPacks free of charge without any obligation.
  • The program site must be located within Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and/or Salem counties.
  • Provide verification from the local school district that 50% of the children served are eligible for free or reduced lunch programs.
  • Show proof that the facility is in compliance with applicable federal and local ordinances and regulations.
  • Adhere to proper food storage and handling guidelines.
  • Comply with a predetermined schedule of KidzPack delivery and distribution.
  • Identify and maintain a coordination team of at least three paid staff members.